Our Mission

What would you do if you could take back all of that time you spent troubleshooting themes, plugins and trying to make sense of the malware infection that plagued your WordPress website?

What if you could simply update your website and create content and leave the technical stuff for your very own team of WordPress experts?

This is where we come in!

Our team of experts help you take the STRESS out of WordPress.

We are Hello Hosting, a Canadian WordPress Management, Hosting & Support Company based in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Why Hello Hosting?

Speed up your WordPress Website 🚀

We’ll help make your WordPress website perform better and faster.

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. It drives away users, and potential business. We take an educated and insightful approach to improving your WordPress website performance.

We diagnose for faulty plugins, poorly developed and supported themes, non-optimized massive images, your web host, and even the speed of third party analytics & advertising platforms. Then we get to work to implement best practices in the industry to help get your site running like a finely tuned machine. Now, people will enjoy their visit your website, instead of bouncing and leaving immediately.

Grow your WordPress Search Traffic 📈

Your business can’t make money if your website can’t be found. Our team can help to ensure your website meets all the minimum requirements to be visible to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. After all, the more traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to make money. With our available “Pro Support Points” we can develop a keyword strategy to help your brand rise to the top of search engines.

Secure your WordPress Website 🔒

Have you heard the horror stories or have experienced your own WordPress website getting hacked? Unfortunately, this is a reality when you work with the worlds leading content management system, WordPress powers 30% of the internet today. The good news is we help you understand and prevent malware infections and hacks with a seamless theme and plugin update process.

We proactively identify and close any threatening security holes and use the best malware monitoring and scanning tools in the industry to keep your WordPress website protected 24/7. On the rare occasion your site is ever hacked or infected, we’ll get it cleaned up, and your site back online in tip-top shape.

Cloud WordPress Backups 💾

We provide automated cloud backup solutions that takes incremental backups of your data at least once a day. For sites where data changes more often, like WooCommerce sites or high-volume publishers, we offer hourly backups to make sure there’s always a copy, ready to restore.

Every change you make to your site is backed up remotely to the Amazon S3 Cloud Platform, one of the most trusted data storage platforms in the world. We have a fully-tested click-to-restore process to ensure any of the backups we retain can be restored right away at your request.

Hands-On Support 👌

Any problems you encounter or support tickets you submit have industry-best response and resolution times. Our experience with a wide array of WordPress themes, plugins and regular issues we can identify and resolve technical issues within one business day. Whatever your WordPress issue, we’ll be friendly, and quick